About Peter Castonguay

Raised in Ottawa, Canada, in a prominent civil service family, attending private schools in Ontario and Quebec, by the late 1960’s Peter was a student at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia. At that time, SFU was the focal point of Canada’s hippie/spiritual awakening movement. After 2 years, with his professors fired and classes cancelled, but still interested in pursuing spiritual awakening, Peter moved to a spiritual community in 100 Mile House, BC.

There, in the heart of cattle country, despite never having been on a horse before arriving, he discovered ranching. In 1974 he became the Cow Boss of a 12,000 acre ranch. The beauty and drama of ranch-life drew out Peter’s artistic side and he began to “take pictures” of what he saw for more than a year before buying a camera. After 5 years of amateur photography, he trained with world-renowned photographer Sherman Hynes. Immediately, Peter’s photography moved to another level. Combining his love of ranching and his visual creativity, Peter discovered his photographic niche – telling the story of ranching. He understands the ranch world, knows the stories, and most important – knows how not to be intrusive to the working cowboy. In addition to photographing his own ranch and others in the Cariboo region, for 10 years Peter was the exclusive photographer for the Douglas Lake Ranch, Canada’s largest working ranch.


Depicting the timeless ranching culture, Peter’s work has been published by Wyman Publishing calendar series, Ranchlands, sold at art shows and in restaurants, as well as his website. After many years as a photographer, Peter has seen an increasing customer interest in the sepia and black & white heritage look inherent in his images. Consequently, he reviewed the thousands of shots in his library choosing the ones that work best in this medium – resulting in the western fine art collection, available on this website.

Time has moved on not without its ups and downs but throughout Peter's passion for fine art photography has remained and grown to include other subjects which can be seen in his Gallery. He has future plans to travel and capture the unique ranching cultures around the world. He also will be capturing the lure of another of his passions, fly-fishing, and those shots will show up in his new web site simonsays-gofish! Watch this space!