Welcome to Cowboy Pics & Western Fine Art

Western fine art photography that captures the romance and traditions of the North American cowboy. Being a cowboy himself, Peter Castonguay knows the story he is shooting and captures just the right moment. The end result is an authentic portrayal of cowboys, their horses and the timeless ranching culture.

Depicting the timeless ranching culture, Peter’s work has been published by Wyman Publishing calendar series, Ranchlands, sold at art shows and in restaurants, as well as his website.  After many years as a photographer, Peter has seen an increasing customer interest in the sepia and black & white heritage look inherent in his images.  Consequently, he reviewed the thousands of shots in his library choosing the ones that work best in this medium – resulting in the western fine art collection, available on this website. From his inventory of over 5,000 shots, Peter has created a unique western heritage fine art collection that will be sold in limited editions. Read More.